I want to formally welcome you to the campus. DRA’s medical department is composed of a myriad of experienced, licensed medical professionals whose mission is to provide the highest quality of care to each and every student that enters the program. I believe much can be gained when your child is able to step away from his or her life to focus solely on healing and recovery. DRA’s platform and experience promotes a process where adolescents learn to take accountability for their lives and become responsible, contributing adults, whether they are dealing with the true disease of addiction, struggling with mental health issues, or just “off track”.

As a licensed nurse practitioner that has specialized in psychiatric medicine, I have the great opportunity to work on campus amongst DRA students and staff on a daily basis. This interaction proves to be vital as I am able to evaluate direct correlations/effects from interventions that are implemented within students’ treatment plans. From a medication standpoint, DRA is truly unique and stands alone in the industry when it comes to evaluating the efficacy of treatment regimens. This is due to our ability to eliminate the trial and error process that is often associated with prescribing medications for mental health issues. To accomplish this task, we are able to collect and analyze information from multiple sources that include DRA staff observations, token economy data, pharmacogenetic testing, psychological assessment tools, and clinical interaction. As a result, this information paints a “clearer clinical picture” that aids DRA’s prescribers to make more accurate diagnosis and treatment regimens, which ultimately helps mitigate or reduce parents’ concerns that their child is taking unnecessary medication.

As a department, it is our intent and goal to treat every student as if they were our own son or daughter. Thus, through the identification and implementation of policies and protocols that encompass both best practice guidelines and quality assurance, we care for your child’s medical ailments with the aim of creating a systematic approach that will help maximize their overall health and wellbeing.

“I believe much can be gained when your child is able to step away from his or her life to focus solely on healing and recovery.”

Brooks Wiley, NP-C
Assistant Medical Director