Troy Spray


Diamond High Graduate 1991
Computer Information Science, American River College (Sacramento, CA)
CPR / First Aid Certified
PCS Certified
National “E” Licensed Soccer Coach

Work Experience

Assistance Campus Director – Lava Fall, Diamond Ranch Academy
Staff Supervisor – Stone Ridge, Diamond Ranch Academy
Head Development Staff – Sage Canyon / Lava Falls, Diamond Ranch Academy
Special Education Teaching Assistant- Anchorage School District, Alaska
Certified Mortgage Broker – Wells Fargo
Certified Mortgage Broker – MetLife


Being born and raised in Alaska, I opted to attend college in California where I met my wonderful wife. Finding a place to start our family, we always kept coming back to Alaska. After spending our first sixteen years of our marriage in Alaska, we decided to move the family to some place that didn’t snow. Our searches found the wonderful city of St George, UT where we have spent the last 4 years. Our three children immerse themselves into sports and our oldest has started to attend college at Dixie State. We spend most of our off time going to soccer and football events with our two youngest boys.

Comments on DRA

Diamond Ranch Academy is an amazing place. I have worked in many different environments in my career, but none of them have been as rewarding as working with DRA. Working with the students on a daily basis and watching them grow into productive, responsible young men; has shown to be the biggest reward. The Directors of DRA have done an amazing job in enlisting the staff that want to work with students to make a difference in their lives. I truly enjoy the environment that they have created and I am grateful to be a member of this team.