All of our teachers have Bachelor or Masters degrees in their related areas of expertise and meet strict licensing requirements from the Utah State Office of Education and the North West Accreditation (NWAC).
  • Jerome Eason, ACMHC, CASUDC
    Academic Personnel Director
  • Reeve Knighton, M. Ed.
    Director of Academics & Special Education
  • Monica Stevenson
  • Alyx Stuehler
    Academic Advisor
  • Deborah Skouson, M.Ed.
    Special Education Teacher
  • Michelle Swenson, M.S.Ed.
    Special Education Teacher
  • Derek Stransky
    Special Education Teacher
  • Ashley Riddle
    English Teacher/Special Education Teacher
  • Christian Neff
    History Teacher
  • James Meidell
    Science Teacher
  • Stephen Howard
    Math Teacher
  • Chazz A. Hennessy
    PE Teacher
  • Rod Peterson
    Fine Arts Director/Art Teacher
  • Andrew E. Durrant
    Performing Arts Director/Drama Teacher
  • Toby Wright
    Career and Life Sciences
  • Brandon Lewis
    Special Education Paraprofessional
  • Stephen Michaud
    Vocal Coach