Edward’s Journey

Male Student
“I didn’t want to believe I had any problems. After a couple months I relaxed into the program and said, I have got problems, I don’t need to fix them, I have to. I can’t continue to live the way I was.”

My Advice to Anyone


Preparing for college

Male student

What Prompted Us to Seek Help

What you see is what you get



Alumni Student
“I used to say my parents sent me to Diamond Ranch; I started saying Zach King sent himself to Diamond Ranch. I was learning to take accountability for the things I had done. I started to understand no one made me do the bad things I did, I did the bad things and I was just facing the consequences.”

Program as a Whole

“It was the overall package, it was the combination of school, therapy and efforts placed on family.”

Parents looking into DRA

Parents of Male Student
“That was the only thing that we could find that offered any hope, at that point. So I would say do it, do it.”

Given a Chance


Positive Experience

helping other people

Wrestling Captain