Diamond Ranch therapist talks with struggling teen in relaxed envionment.Therapeutic Program

All aspects of our program are integrated and designed to be therapeutic in purpose.  

The Therapeutic Milieu created at Diamond Ranch facilitates the change process.  Students are on a journey of emotional self-discovery and learning at all times throughout the program.

Clinical Program


All of our Doctorate or Masters level therapists are professionally licensed with the State of Utah as Mental Health Professionals.

Therapists are required to meet continuing education and training requirements to maintain their licenses and level of expertise.

Teen therapy group at residential treatment center for troubled youth.Clinicians & Staff

We have a full staff of experienced, caring, Licensed Mental Health professionals who oversee the treatment of students.   Therapists conduct individual, family, and groups sessions with students.  

Therapists oversee case managers who facilitate parent visits, psychoeducational groups, and other components of the program. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

Students who enter the program with substance abuse issues receive individual and group therapeutic support.   These students attend weekly 12 step meetings and work through an individualized chemical dependence program with their assigned therapist. 

Teen girl learns about trust and relationships in equine therapy program.Equine Therapy

We offer Equine Therapy as an adjunct to traditional therapy.    Our Certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program allows students to interact with horses under the guidance of a Licensed, Certified, EAP therapist.  

Through this process, students learn valuable life lessons about trust and relationships. 

Teens learn essential living skills in program at Diamond Ranch residential treatment center for teens.Living Skills

Students learn life skills on a daily basis using a hands-on approach.  

Students participate in psychoeducational groups designed to create opportunities for personal growth and insight.   Students learn to interact with others in a healthy, positive way. 

Vocational Education

Students participate in vocational education.   Students research possible career choices and post high school educational opportunities.  

Students also learn specific skills like: wood working, concrete work, auto maintenance and repair, farming, animal care, etc.  

Parents of troubled teens enrolled at residential treatment center & school for teens learn about helping their youth.Parent & Family Support

Diamond Ranch offers parent workshops to educate parents about the program and empower them with parenting skills.  

For the parents of newly admitted students, these workshops are offered every other month.   A parent seminar is offered twice a year where parents receive training and interact with their student in a therapeutic nature.  

At the appropriate level in the program, monthly parent visits are encouraged to assist with improving relationships and preparing for the student?s return home.  

A full- time Parent Support Coordinator is available to assist parents as needed throughout the program. 

    "I was just reflecting on the past 18 months since Eric came home from Diamond Ranch Academy and thanking God for all that He has done to help Eric succeed since his experience at DRA. 
        I then realized I never properly thanked you all for the role you played in my son's life, and all the successes he has enjoyed since he left. 
        Eric is currently a senior at our local High School, and will graduate in June.   He carried a 3.  5 grade point average all last year, and I have no doubts he will continue to excel in school.   He has plans for college, and works a 30 hour work week in addition to school. 
        He pays for his car, clothes, phone, etc.  , and is very proud of the fact he earns what he gets, and it is not just handed to him. 
        He has become respectful of himself and others.   He has learned how to make positive friendships.   He has the earned trust and respect from his parents, teachers, and peers. 
        I attended back to school night last night and spoke with his High School counselor.   She was involved with Eric before he left for DRA, and has continued to be involved since he came home.   While commenting on what a delightful young man Eric has become, she reminded me what a true success story we have to tell.   
        I could go on and on about how proud I am of what Eric has accomplished, and probably have.    Once again, thank you for everything.  "     - Paul