Our Philosophy

A core belief of Diamond Ranch Academy  is that struggling teens have simply reversed many of life’s principles of successful living by accepting society’s trend to justify and minimize personal behavior. 

To counter this trend, we believe personal accountability and responsibility are vital principles for a foundation of successful living.   It is out of this belief that an incredibly simple and effective program was created.

We call it The Real Life Transition Program.

This program integrates and reinforces individual accountability in all aspects of student life.


All six Diamond Ranch Academy programs are individually licensed in the state of Utah under The Department of Human Services.  Programs are separated by age and gender. 

Building Character.
Girls Programs include:
Boys Programs include:
• Crystal Springs ages 12-14  
• Whisper Creek ages 15-17  

• Sand Stone ages 12-14  
• Stone Ridge ages 15-16  
• Lava Falls age 17  
• Sage Canyon age 18  

Programs are licensed on an annual basis with periodic visits from a Licensing Specialist.

Diamond Ranch Academy is in compliance with Core and Categorical Rules of treatment that govern our program and facility.

The Real Life Transition Program™

The Real Life Transition Program™ incorporates a sophisticated therapeutic milieu using a well refined “token economy”.  

Teen Boarding schoolThis includes a peer-participant judicial system complete with citations, fines, and appeals.  In addition, money earned by the youth is proportional to their academic performance which can be indicative of real life. 

Students learn the value of money management, budgeting, work ethic, problem solving, and independence which cultivates self-worth and confidence.

Student Jobs

Part of the Diamond Ranch Academy experience involves the development of a strong work ethic.

Work ethic is fostered by personal responsibilities which include hygiene, laundry, clothing inventory, and maintaining individual living areas.   As students progress through the program levels, they are entrusted to take on additional responsibilities. 

Student jobs generally include Judge, Photographer, Kitchen Assistant, Librarian, Gardener, Animal Care Taker, and others.

Peer participant court system for troubled youth at Diamond Ranch Academy Residential Treatment CenterTroubled kids work at animal care jobs at youth boarding school

Students learn to prioritize and balance school, work, and leisure activities within the structured daily schedule.

Check Ledger

Teen learns financial management using token economyAs students participate in various daily activities, each youth has the opportunity to earn wages commensurate to their academic performance.  They learn the value of money management, work ethic, and independence.  Without using tokens or money, the students track their earnings with an actual checkbook register.

Court System

Teens in their peer court system at troubled teen boarding schoolIn conjunction with the Token Economy, students take part in a peer-participant judicial system, complete with citations, fines, and appeals.   Students have the opportunity, on a weekly basis, to experience, first hand, the consequences of choices and the principles of accountability. 

Each step is carefully designed to help students realize their responsibility to themselves, peers, and community.

Additional Work ProjectsAt-risk youth learning to work and earn income

Work projects are a result of excessive fines at court and are used to reinforce individual accountability and responsibility. 

These work projects allow students to pay their fines and still continue to earn positive income, thus allowing participation in scheduled benefits, activities, and service projects.


"I have been reading your comments and daily point totals for my son Nicholas. I very much appreciate your keeping us parents posted and also thank you for the warm and positive attitude you convey toward the students. I feel very encouraged about my son's progress. Thanks so much for all you are doing."          - Tami (parent)

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